Performance test for Site to Site tunnels with Mikrotik RB750r2

The objective of this testing is to try different scenarios and test the performance of the Mikrotik RB750r2 router to establish point to point conections solely on the network perfomance, ignoring security, privacy and other specific consdierations (broadcast domains, multi spoke vpns, etc)

To execute this test I’ve used 2 Mirkotik RB750r2 routers with the current ROS 6.38.1 connected to a 10/100/1000 switch. These routers have 100mbit interfaces.

The network diagram is the following. The objective of the test is to force a minimum internal routing and not meassure merely the traffic generated by the routers themselves between their WAN ifaces.



The test compares the performance of both TCP and UDP originated from the computer with the LAN interface of the destination router. The configuration references used for each test are linked in each.

Router A (Destination)

  • WAN:
  • LAN

Router B (Origin)

  • WAN
  • LAN

The first test establishes a baseline for the performance. I set up the routes to the LAN segments via the adjacent routers, so that the LAN clients can access the clients located in the and backwards.


  • Router B: vía
  • Router A vía


This test just stresses the routing capacity of the router yielding a reazonable result at about 96Mbps sustained rate.

For the next test I eliminate the static routing and establish an IPSEC session between the WAN interfaces of each router according to the following document.

Test with IPSEC tunnel between router A (Origin) and router B (Destination). BTTest client running on the PC connected to the router B (Destination). The test results show a performance with UDP of less than 30mbps, with an average of 27mbps. TCP averages at 24mbps with a max rate of 25.3mbps. This test also shows fluctuations on the transfer rates, droping even to less than 10mbps at times.


For Test number 3 I’ve established a PPTP tunnel. Note that PPTP tunnels have a minimum and flawed security, widely known and easyly exploited. The configuration was set according to this document:

The PPTP tunnel performance spikes at 88mbps with 84mbps average for UDP. The TCP results show an average of 50mbps.


For the last test I’ve defined an IPIP tunnel, that basically encapsulates IP packets inside another IP packed (limited to IP, not like GRE). The setup was done according to this doc:

The IPIP performance showed peaks at 95mbps and was very stable at 94.5 mbps for UDP. For TCP the average was 88mbps with 90mbps spikes.



Ruteo 96 94
IPIP 94 88
PPTP 84 50
IPSEC 27 24

I’ll do this same test with a CCR router in about 15/20 days. I’ll also try to stress with multiple tunnels to the same Cloud Core Router.

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